The ULTIMATE social video course designed specifically for BUSY ENTREPRENEURS

Learn exactly what you need to dominate short-form vertical video and grow your business, brand and thought leadership with snackable on-demand video lessons and no bs strategy that will help you grow far beyond just TikTok.

From account setup and algorithm breakdowns to attracting the right humans and building confidence filming on your phone, learn straightforward tips and no bs strategy from a top marketing coach (even TikTok has hired her). 

(And, NO, you don't have to dance... unless you want to.) 


"If I could just get them in person, then I could win them over."

Have you ever said that?

What if I told you there was a way to get in front of both your existing clients and brand new ones at the same time, earn their trust, keep yourself top of mind and without even ever having to leave your house? 

NO advertising budget, NO production team and NO fancy equipment necessary... Do I have your attention now?

Well, the good news is that you have the answer right at your fingertips. All you need is your phone and a FREE little app called TikTok. (And now Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, too.)

With TikTok, you have access to the ultimate library of short-form (less than 60 seconds) vertical video (meaning, it's meant to be created/consumed on your phone). The app suggests content to hyper-engaged users in a highly targeted away, including to those who don't yet follow you (which is pretty much impossible on every other platform without a willingness to pay to play). 

Best yet, the latest research shows that users feel better about themselves after spending time on the app, in contrast to other social media platforms that make them feel worse, making the community unlike any other. 

Are you going to continue to use social media as your excuse for why your business isn't growing or are you ready to take control of your online personal brand, elevate your presence as both an entrepreneur and content creator and amplify your voice as a thought leader?


It's definitely NOT just kids making videos...


Not even on TikTok. More than 70% of TikTok users are now over the age of 20. 

TikTok, by default, recommends your videos to people who don't already follow you. The default setting is a curated and personalized "For You" experience based on factors like age, language, location, search items, user interactions and more. 

That's what makes it so easy to grow and quickly by getting hundreds, thousands perhaps even millions of new eyes on you and your business.


But the Truth is...

Virality is OVERRATED. 

As an entrepreneur who is using social media to grow both your brand and your business (meaning, actual revenue), it can't be about getting as many views as possible, it needs to be about getting as many of the RIGHT ones. 

We're not here for the growth hacking, click baiting or posting as many times per day as physically possible just because... 

We put you and your business FIRST by providing you with strategy designed by a serial entrepreneur (who, by the way, has grown multiple profitable accounts on multiple platforms starting from zero) that is meant to give you more time, energy, influence and money


Become a Master of Social Video in 30 Days

Learn from the coach who has been hired by TikTok to lead marketing trainings and was recognized by the platform as one of the Top 100 Women to Watch.

No lesson is more than 30 minutes and no single video is ever more than five, making it super easy to digest these value-packed snackable videos. Each video also includes a full text transcription to accommodate different learning styles and abilities.

MODULE ONE: Platform basics (including a "For You" breakdown), account setup and actionable profile strategy

MODULE TWO: Identifying (and becoming best friends with) your ideal client, on-camera confidence boosters, establishing connection and creating real community

MODULE THREE: Understanding what "niche" really means, messaging types and the most effective content formula

MODULE FOUR: Advanced strategy, meaningful metrics, tips for going LIVE and how to sell without selling

That's more than $5,000 of instruction and strategy! And you get LIFETIME access to be able to go at your own pace and review as often as you'd like!




You'll also get these BONUSES...

MODULE: Introduction to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts ($995 Value)

VIDEO: Giselle's Five Keys to Social Media Success ($995 Value)

MODULE: Ongoing Answering Your Questions and Platform Updates (PRICELESS)

LIVE: Quarterly Sessions with Master Instructors and Guests (PRICELESS)


Let's be REAL... You don't have time to waste trying to figure out how to do it by yourself. 



Meet Quen Williams, Austin-based realtor and motivational powerhouse. Not only is her business blowing up, with more leads than she can handle, but she was also recently recognized by TikTok as a TRAILBLAZER on the platform.


Two Awesome Options

Both PACKED with Value

Each option includes lifetime access to the full TikTok Mastery course library, along with bonus material, course updates and a few surprises we're saving for later. 










100% Satisfaction or YOUR MONEY BACK

You have TWO WHOLE WEEKS inside the course library to decide if this is the right move for you. If you're not satisfied for any reason, we'll give you your money back. 



Join the Fam of 500+ Awesome Humans (and Dogs, Too)


Meet Kevin Bubolz aka @goldenretrieverlife. When he and his service dog Ellie first joined us for TikTok coaching, they barely had an Instagram presence and Kevin rarely showed his face (if at all). Now, they've attracted more than 2 MILLION TikTok followers, secured dozens of paid partnerships across both platforms and created multiple new streams of revenue.

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